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Model Beyond Gender

Indian fashion models beware ! The Transgender of India are closing up to do a catwalk as good as their counterparts.

Shot in the picturesque locales of Kodaikanal by K. Venkatesh, the exclusive Photo Gallery reveals Sridevi in different dresses and moods, capturing her beauty and grace in style.

Though ignored by officialdom and berated by society, the Transgenders have come a long way to complete with the best of the bevies to wear up their sleeves what any celebrity model can and walk away with flying honors. A case in study is Sridevi, a 32-year-old transsexual from Bangalore, who can give other fashion models a run for their money with stunning looks in elegant dresses and daring poses that will arouse more than awe.

Despite humble origins, Sridevi rose from the ranks by grit and determination to aspire for a role model in the world of fashion. What made Sridevi defy the status quo is the way the Transgenders are treated and portrayed in films and TV serials, making fun and ridiculing them as less privileged. The Transgenders want the fashion industry to recognize their existence and give them an equal opportunity to compete with other models irrespective of the gender, Aware of what they are endowed by Nature, The Transgenders atrive hard to maintain their physique and remain hale and hearty for competing with best of the fashion models on par.

The Transgenders put in as much effort as others to project themselves in the right perspective in terms of dress costume design, accessories and make-up. Even they take care of hairstyle, color combination and complexion that are required for a fashion show on ramp. Conscious of their status in society and the public perception, Transgenders like Sridevi yearn to be respected and treated with dignity, as they are no less than others to live a normal life. full of dreams and aspirations.

The Transgenders claim to have a role to play in society that needs to look at them positively and overcome centuries of prejudice and discrimination. since they are as much a part of womenhood, they feel they should be given the opportunity to display their talent for recognition and acceptance. The photo Exhibition, titled "Models Beyond Gender" is to demonstrate through a collection of portraits that transsexuals like Sridevi are well qualified to be a celebrity model as any other.